Enteritis in Rabbits
   Enteritis is a severe watery diahrrea.  This is not to be confused with a soft or sticky stool, which is normal.  
Enteritis by definition is inflamation of the intestinal tract of the rabbit.  Rabbits have normal  healthy  bacteria in there
intestinal tract.  This bacteria aids in the digestive process.  If a rabbits'  diet is suddenly changed this normal
bacteria can reach a level that is toxic to the rabbit. This toxicity causes the watery diahrrea and eventually a sluffing
of the linning of the intestine.
   Another cause of enteritis is the infestation of a foreign bacteria into the intestinal tract.  The usual invader  is
Coccidiosis.  The symptoms you will see and the prognosis is the same.  Early detection is the most important for
any type of survival.  Supportive care must be started immediately.  This included subque fluids, antibiotics or  
probiotics.  Get  your bunny  to qualified vet quickly.   We have also found neomycin be be very effective.
 When we first started raising rabbits we found enteritis to be a difficult thing to deal with.  It was very frustrating to be
losing very nice bunnies at a young age after weaning and sometimes adult rabbits.  We made many trips to the vet ,
set up a bunny Intensive Care Unit in my  laundry room, searched the internet and still we could not save but two of
the several bunnies that came down with enteritis.   We discovered prevention to be the best approach. We cleaned
all the cages with a 10% Clorox solution and rinsed  them well with the hose.  A vanodine solution also works great
for cleaning the cages and enviorment.
   We took our rabbits completely off of olled oats. (Even though they really like them.)  We wormed every rabbit for
pin worms using Safeguard horse wormer .  We give a pea size amount  in there mouth once a day for three
consecutive days.
   We then changed our brand of feed to Pen Pals 16 o/o.
    We added
Acid Pac to there water at a rate of 1/4 tsp per gallon of water.  We have continued to give them this
treated water when needed. .  However, make sure you dump the old water and give  fresh each day otherwise the
water bowls will become slimmy and unhealthy.  We will also treat our herd once a year with a anti Coccidiosis

Our Enteristis rescue:
        -Give .1ml of neomycin  titrated in .9 ml of water. Give orally  a couple of times a day until
diahrrea subsides.

       -Give 10ml of normal saline for small bunnies (20ml for adults) Subque every 12 to 24 hrs
depending on the bunnies hydration.
-Keep good quality hay and/or raspberry/blackberry  leaves in front of the bunny at all time.  It is
very important they keep eating. Often if they will not eat anything else they will eat raspberry
leaves.  If the bunny refuses to eat or take fluid my mouth, it is probably to late.
       -Keep them in a warm quite spot  to recover.