All pets are sold without pedigree but with starter feed, pet certificate, and hay. We
recommend the cage sold at Tractor Supply with a wire bottom and pull out pan.
Our breed stock start at $80 to $125. Show stock starts at $150 and goes up from there.  Please
understand that price is dependent on quality.
Pet Hollands: These are available to pet homes only, not for breeding stock. $60 each no pedigree.
They do come with pet certificate, starter feed, hay and instructions.                   
Brood/Show Hollands:  Almost all of our hollands are showable, they have no disqualifications, even
our pets.  However, we choose our hollands that are sold as Breeding/Show stock very carefully. They
must meet our strict standard before listing them for sale as brood/show. We feel that the hollands listed
as brood/show would be asset to someone else's herd.
If you are looking for something in particular please contact us.
Blue and White Pet Boy
14 weeks old.
Tort Pet Boy 14 weeks old