All pets are sold without pedigree but with starter feed, pet certificate, and hay. We
recommend the cage sold at Tractor Supply with a wire bottom and pull out pan.
Our breed stock start at $80 to $125. Show stock starts at $150 and goes up from there.  Please
understand that price is dependent on quality.
Pet Hollands: These are available to pet homes only, not for breeding stock. $60 each no pedigree.
They do come with pet certificate, starter feed, hay and instructions.                   
Brood/Show Hollands:  Almost all of our hollands are showable, they have no disqualifications, even our
pets.  However, we choose our hollands that are sold as Breeding/Show stock very carefully. They must
meet our strict standard before listing them for sale as brood/show. We feel that the hollands listed as
brood/show would be asset to someone else's herd.
. Delivery can be made to GA show or PaSRBA
If you are looking for something in particular please contact us.
NGF Fairy Bridge
Broken Tort Doe

D.B. 4/6/2017
NGF Felipe x NGF Solar Flare
Proven tort brood doe,
She has was a show doe,
proven brood doe.
NGF Home Run
Broken Tort Buck
Camelot's Strikeout X NGF Mave
This a nice size buck who just turned a
year old in December
NGF King Arthur
Broken Squirrel Buck
D.B. 3/11/18
NGF Excalibur x  NGF Zora

Please email us if you are looking for a pet.
NGF Codex
Chocolate Agouti Buck
D.B. 3/11/18
NGF Irish Whiskey x  NGF Lost Bird
Not show material but good for a
color project.

NGF King Slayer
Chin Buck

NGF Excalibur x NGF Zora
Very Sweet tort boy, look for a forever
pet home. 6 months old.