What is a Holland Lop ?
 In our opinion the coolest rabbits ever!!
Okay maybe you would like a little more information.
   The Holland lop is a dwarf lop eared rabbit.  It is not to
be over 4 lbs with an ideal weight of 3 lbs.  Often pet
Hollands will be 4 to 5 lbs.
   The Holland Lop breed , as the name implies was first
developed in Holland. The founder of the breed was
Adriann DeCock of Tillborg Holland. They were
originally a cross between a French Lop and Netherland
Dwarf.  In January of 1964 he had refined the breed to
2kgs and presented four Hollands for inspection.
   The breed spread through out Europe.   Aleck Brook's
is created with importing Hollands to America.  In 1979
the Hollands were accepted by the American Rabbit
Breeders Association (ARBA).
   Most Holland lops love attention, especially being
scratched on the forehead.  They are great for women
like me whose babies have grown up. (My daughters are
8 and 12).   Our Hollands will gladly sit on my shoulder
and cuddle like a baby.
   With kind  loving treatment a Holland can be a social
member of your family.