Rabbit Breeding
We here at Narrow Gate Farm would like to share what we have learned about raising rabbits, in
particular holland lops. Holland Lops are a great and fun breed of rabbit to raise. We have
included the following topics:
Rabbit Information
We have listed our show scedule for the 2010 show year.  The Holland Lop show season runs from
the first day of January to December.  This is the twelve month period show points are accumulated
for.  Yes the girls collect end of year points for showing rabbits like NASCAR drivers do.
Our question and answer page contains a question about rabbit shedding.  If you have a question
you would like to ask us please
e-mail us.  If you specify if we can add it to our Q & A page.
When it  comes to rabbit health there is a lot to learn. We have included  housing, feeding and other
general rabbit care information.  We have also added a page on enteritis in rabbit.   Enteritis is a
severe diahrrea in rabbits.  Death usually results in 24 to 48 hours without intervention. Here we talk
of our own experiences and how we overcame this issue.