A rabbit may be kept inside or outside. In both situations there are
things to consider.  For a house bunny you will want a wire cage with
a removable bottom.  This will allow for easier cleaning.  A clean cage
is very important  for the health of your rabbit. The ammonia fumes
from a dirty cage can lead to respiratory problems in bunnies.  Even
the chemicals used to clean a cage my irritate the rabbits sensitive
nose. Make sure to rinse the cage well after cleaning.
 A house rabbit can be taught to use a litter box. It will also enjoy time
running and playing in the house.  However, a rabbit should not be
allowed unsupervised run of the house.  A rabbit may chew on carpet,
furniture, and electrical  cords.  This is not only destructive to your
house, it is very dangerous for your rabbit.
 A holland lop or any other rabbit may be kept outside,  Your rabbit  
will need a home that will protect him from heat, direct sunlight,rain,  
harsh winds, snow and still provide good ventilation.The size of the
rabbit hutch must provide the rabbit with enough room to exercise.  
For a pet holland lop the cage should measure at least 24" by 24".
 Just remember our rabbit friends must be kept out of heat and direct
sunlight at all cost.  Place their hutch in a shady spot.
A rabbit will tolerate very cold temperatures.  However, when
temperatures reach the 85 to above 90 degree range, special
care must be taken to keep them cool.  Frozen water bottles may be
placed in the cage for the bunny to lay against.
Finally, when selecting a shady spot for your rabbit hutch remember
rabbits have natural predators.  Protect your rabbit from dogs,
racoons, possums and other animals that may harm them.  Placing
the rabbit hutch several feet off the ground (about 3 ft) is beneficial in
protecting the bunny.  This will even protect them from ground
dwelling insects.

It is very important to feed fresh high quality rabbit pellets.    Always
make sure your bunny has fresh clean water.  Bunnies love treats
too, just feed them sparingly. Some favorite treats in our barn are:
shredded wheat (no sugar added)
     yogurt chips  
(found at Wal Mart).
 It is also important to feed good clean hay to your bunny.  This will
increase the fiber in his diet and help prevent fur blockages.  We
feed a handfull of hay every day .
 Just a reminder: Do not suddenly change your rabbits diet.  Any
changes should be done gradually.  To reduce stress your bunny
should be feed about the same time each day.  Your bunny will form
a routine and look forward to seeing you.
Overall rabbits are very healthy.  They do not require regular
vaccinations.  A rabbit usually does not need a veterinarian unless
they become sick.
 When keeping multiple rabbits as pets, it is recommended to have
them spayed or neutered.
Recommended Vet in Area:
                                 Animal Ark
                         Mitchell Spindel DVM
                           Clemmons, NC 27012
They are very good with rabbits!