A rabbit show is when one or more rabbit clubs come together to
purchase sanctions from the American Rabbit Breeders
Association  (ARBA).   This allows these clubs to put on a
recognized show.  
 The sponsoring club must hire an ARBA approved judge.  These
judges may come from anywhere in the country and have special
training in juding rabbits.  The clubs must also follow the ARBA
rules and regulations for a rabbit show.
 Not all breeds of rabbits are shown at every local show.  It is
usually limited to the most popular breeds in the area.
 These clubs usually hold multiple shows in one day.  It is called
a double for two shows and a triple for three shows in one day.  
Shows are also divided into
Open and Youth.  The Open show is
open to all breeders.  However, the Youth shows are limited to
anyone eighteen or younger.
 Holland lops are judged in
8 categories or classes, 4 solid and 4
broken.  All the senior bucks are first shown against one another.
The rabbit which best meets the Holland lop standard, according
to that judge, wins 1st place for the class.  Every rabbit from 5th
place up receives points based on the placing of the rabbit and
the number of rabbits in the class.  The following classes are
usually in the order of: solid senior does, solid junior bucks and
solid junior does.  From each of the
solid 1st place animals the
judge will pick a
best of variety (BOS), and a best opposite sex of
(BOSV).  Therefore, if the solid senior buck wins BOV, the
judge will pick either solid senior or junior doe.
 The same process is repeated for the broken color.  Broken
senior bucks usually start followed by the broken senior does,
broken junior bucks and broken junior does.  ( A junior is under 6
months of age and over 2 lbs. While a senior is over 6 months of
age and all must be under 4 lbs.)  Again the 4 winners, one from
each broken class compete against each other.  The judge will
pick a broken BOV and a BOSV.
 The solid BOV and BOSV along with the broken BOV and BOSV
will compete for
best of breed (BOB).  A best opposite sex
of breed (
BOSB) (BOS) will also be picked.  These will be your
best and 2nd best rabbits out of all the Hollands shown in that
 The BOB rabbit will go on to compete for
best in show (BIS) and
best reserve in show (BRIS).  In this class each rabbit will
compete along with the best of breed rabbit from each breed
shown in that show.  The rabbits are each compared to their own
breed standard.  The winner is the one the judge thinks comes
closest to their own standard by best representing their breed.
 The show day can be a long one, but it can be very exciting if
your bunnies are doing well.  The best part of the show is being
with our bunny friends. (the human ones, of course).  We have
met some great people showing Hollands.
 Please contact us if you would like to attend a show.  We are
always interested in sharing our hobby and our love of Hollands.